It’s without a doubt that returning to school is advantageous to employees in several ways. Be it to reserve a better chance for promotion or become more proficient in their current job; continuing education helps individual to acquire additional knowledge and skills.
The advantages of continuing education are not limited to employees; even employers who support their employees to go back to college benefit in various ways. Their workforce becomes more educated, qualified and better trained to achieve the long-term goal of increased productivity.

1. Increased profits
When employees go back to college, they are acquitted with the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Therefore, they are in a better position of applying this education for the good of the company. This implies that with such innovations, an organization will stand ahead of its competitors and boost its productivity.

2. Empowerment
Education breeds employee empowerment. It also inspires employees to take up leadership roles in the organization. They will even feel valued, considering that their employers would spend money to take them back to college or allow them time to acquire new skills. The firm benefits from having a cutting-edge staff.

3. Employee retention
Employees who are allowed a chance to advance their education feel valued. It also makes them feel that they should continue working for the company so that they complete their course without changing jobs. If you consider the cost of employee recruitment, retention is a prime factor that enhances business growth and productivity. The company gains by having a highly qualified worker as part of their workforce.

4. Productivity
Employees who are conversant with the current advancements in their profession will undoubtedly lead the firm in enhancing productivity through the implementation of new techniques. When an employee goes back to college, learning awakens the “lion” inside him or her, which makes them more inventive. An active mind implies that the job will be performed fast. The hours the firm saves in production will add up to the overall profit of the organization.