Going back to college as an adult student is a major commitment of time, energy and money. Many people know that time commitment is significant, so they don’t bother to go back to school. Other feel that life will to busy and they can’t find ways of fitting school in their schedules. Of all the commitments that adult students have, time is the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Alternative shifts
Most people are able to go back to school by simply shifting their work hours to fit school time. However, this will work only for those whose work allows for alternative shifts. If yours is a “standard day” job, this option might not work for you. Another challenge with alternative shifts is that school programs can change on semester basis, which means that you have to adjust often. Many employers are not comfortable with this kind of arrangements because they cause disruptions at work.

Evening and weekend
If alternative shifts do not work for you, you can attend school by choosing evening and weekend study modules. Most schools have programs designed for working adults to enable them maintain their jobs and pursue a degree. The disadvantage of this alternative is that going to work all day and then attending an evening class can be taxing. Therefore, you should assess your commitments and organize your time in a way that you have some “free” time at least one day in a week.

If the two options above don’t work for you, studying online is the other alternative. Many adult students have opted for online learning because of the flexibility it offers. Taking online lessons will allow you to organize your time and study under minimal stress. The challenge facing online learning is that it lacks the interpersonal interaction experienced in traditional learning. Most of the lessons are taken online, so, you barely meet your fellow students and lecturers.